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Criminal Lawyer 
There is no substitute for experience and ability. William E. Gottfried is recognized for his skill in the courtroom, as well as, his ability to negotiate with the prosecutor. He has successfully handled just about every type of criminal charge. You can trust us to devise the right strategy to expertly handle your case.


APPEALS: If you are convicted of a crime, you have a small window of time to appeal the decision in an attempt to overturn the verdict.  You need to contact us immediately.

ASSAULT/BATTERY:  Assault is the intentional and unlawful threat to harm a person. The crime of battery is the intentional striking of another. Both assault and battery are crimes of violence and depending on the circumstances, can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony.

BOND HEARINGS:  We are experienced and prepared to assist you at a bond hearing with the goal of getting you released from jail.

CYBER/COMPUTER CRIMES: If you are charged with internet hacking, fraud, cyber bullying or internet sex crimes, we have the experience to effectively evaluate your case and aggressively defend you. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: There are numerous types of domestic violence that a person can be accused of. If you are charged with domestic violence, it can have a disabling effect on your life. You need a skilled attorney to effectively resolve your case.

DRIVING ON SUSPENDED LICENSE (DWLSR):  Whether this is your first time charged with DWLSR or your third DWLSR designating it as 
a felony, you can trust William E. Gottfried to expertly handle your case. 

DRUGS CRIMES: If you are charged with possession, manufacturing, doctor shopping or trafficking, William E. Gottfried has successfully defended all types of drug charges. He recently won an acquittal in a six (6) week federal jury trial where his client was charged with possession with intent to distribute 3.5 tons (over 7,000 pounds) of cocaine.

DUI: If you are accused of driving under the influence, you need a lawyer who knows the intricacies of the law. William E. Gottfried has extensive DUI trial experience. He has not only successfully handled hundreds of DUI cases, but was chosen to teach DUI trial school to Florida prosecutors. While serving as an Assistant State Attorney, William E. Gottfried was selected to serve as the lead trial attorney 
for two divisions emphasizing DUI crimes.

EXPUNGEMENT/SEALING: Are you looking to clear your criminal record? Through the process of expungement or sealing, you may be able to have your past charges removed from public records. 
William E. Gottfried P.A.
FEDERAL CRIMES: Experience counts! Some of the most severe criminal offenses you can be charged with are federal crimes. It is vital to have an attorney with an extensive background defending federal charges. William E. Gottfried has been successful defending these serious cases for over 20 years. 

JUVENILE CRIMES: Has your child been accused of a juvenile crime? The ramifications can effect them for the rest of their life. We have successfully handled just about every type of juvenile crime. In addition, William E. Gottfried has been selected by the Florida Bar Association to teach other lawyers the intricacies of juvenile law.

MURDER: If you or your loved one are being investigated or charged with murder, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner. You want a lawyer with an invaluable understanding of how the criminal justice system works. William E. Gottfried has successfully handled numerous murder cases.

PROBATION/VIOLATION: If you are found guilty of violating your probation, you may end up going to jail and serving the penalties you originally avoided through probation. The violation must be defended vigorously.

SEX CRIMES: Individuals who are convicted of a sex crime will face life-changing punishments ranging from life imprisonment, designation as a sexual predator/sexual offender and forced to move from their residence... William E. Gottfried has successfully defended sex cases in state and federal court, winning dismissals and reductions. He even successfully argued before a federal judge the sex offender guidelines should not be followed because it is not based upon scientific data. 

THEFT/ROBBERIES: Whether charged with simple shoplifting or grand theft, you need knowledgeable and experienced representation. William E. Gottfried has effectively won dismissals of these charges.

VIOLENT CRIMES:  Whether charged with assault, battery all the way through murder, William E. Gottfried has successfully defended these charges and even won them at trial.

WARRANTS: If you have a warrant for your arrest, call William E. Gottfried so he can immediately address the issue of a bond and coordinate the conditions of your release. 

Criminal Lawyer - William E. Gottfried, Attorney at Law -  Tampa/Clearwater, FL

3.5 Tons Cocaine - Not guilty.
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 William E. Gottfried P.A. 1435 Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Suite C
Clearwater, FL 33755
(727) 462-5592

Criminal Lawyer - William E. Gottfried, Attorney at Law - Tampa/Clearwater, FL